The Perfect V60 Pour Over: How to Make It In 8 Simple Steps

v60 pour over

Looking to perfect your V60 pour over technique? Look no further. In this article, I share an eight-step guide to making a delicious V60 cup worthy of a spot on your favorite cafe’s menu.

Flat White vs Latte: How to Tell These Two Magical Drinks Apart

flat white vs latte

While a Flat White and a Latte may look similar, they differ in subtle ways that make them unique. A Latte is made with espresso, steamed milk, and fluffy foam, while a Flat White uses richer whole milk, dense microfoam, and short espresso shots.

How to Make a Latte: 5 Steps to the Best Latte Ever

how to make a latte

You can find lattes on almost all cafe menus. But since you’re here, I’m guessing you are wondering how to make a latte at home. When it comes to its preparation, the latte is the combination of one or two shots of espresso and steamed milk poured on top with a thin layer of foam. 

What is a Latte? – A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Popular Coffee Drink

What is a Latte?

A latte (also called a “caffe latte”) is a milk coffee drink made with one or two shots of bold espresso, steamed milk, and a finishing touch of milk froth. The result is a creamy, balanced, stunning, and silky-smooth coffee experience.

Coffee Grind Size Chart and Guide – Find Your Grind

coffee size grind chart

In this guide, we will cover the basics of coffee grinding and share coffee grind size charts even seasoned baristas will want to save. 

Flat White vs Cappuccino: Which One Reigns Supreme?

flat white vs. cappuccino

The main difference between the flat white vs cappuccino is the milk-to-espresso ratio and foam type.  Microfoam is the flat white’s chief characteristic. But the cappuccino’s foam is thicker and rests atop the steamed milk. Cappuccino’s foam is also referred to as “macrofoam”—the opposite of the flat white’s tiny-bubbling froth.