8 Brilliant Coffee Branding Projects That’ll Put You Under a Spell

In this article, I’m showcasing top coffee branding projects that have caught my eye. These are companies or coffee shops (sometimes both) that have done incredible work on their visual identities. 
coffee branding and identity

Let’s take a break from our usual content and have some fun with coffee branding.

Coffee and good branding go together like milk and cookies, okay? You may have guessed from the name of my blog that I love design and coffee (#6F4E37, baby). Coffee designed, coffee and design; all combinations of those two words rouse my curious mind.

As a writer of over ten years, I’ve seen a lot of great design work. Hell, I’ve worked with brilliant designers on projects just like the ones you’re about to see! I know what a homerun looks like, and wanted to dedicate an article to some of the best I’ve found.

BTW: I’ll continue updating this article as I find new coffee branding projects that bewitch me.

You’ve heard the expression, “We eat with our eyes”, right? Well, coffee branding projects are so much fun for exactly this reason. Coffee is such a multi-sensory experience—especially the visual part.

It naturally fits with the elements of distinguished branding—including typography, color palettes, illustration, and imagery.

Just think about how famous Starbucks’ logo has become. You can’t even register the brand without your brain conjuring up that green siren! 

Branding in any space matters a whole lot. But what’s especially inspirational about coffee branding is how coffee already invites your senses to stay, play, and explore. 

Exceptional coffee branding relishes that fact, fusing coffee’s natural seduction with the unique elements of the company that’s creating the brand.

I’ve judiciously wrangled together my top coffee branding projects, so you can feast your eyes along with me! 

So brew yourself a nice strong cup, and let’s appreciate some beautiful coffee brands.

1. First Place Coffee

Image source: Garage Design Studio

Is it cliche to put First Place Coffee in first place on this list? Maybe, but it is a specialty coffee truck based in Phoenix, Arizona that’s really earning gold for me. 

I’m in love with how dark navy contrasts against red. Using cream rather than white underscores the branding’s old-time Americana feeling, too. We dig it!

2. Ellie’s Table

Image source: Brian Rau

Ellie’s Table is a coffee and bakery shop located in San Clemente, California. Its branding captures the essence of the store’s charming and inviting atmosphere.

The brand identity uses a mix of pastel colors, custom typography, and simple design elements to feel homemade. The focus on ornate typography slows you down and really reinforces the handmade, fresh, one-of-a-kind vibe the brand is known for. 

3. Dear Francis

DearFrancis HomeBanner
Image source: Lobster Phone

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Dear Francis is a coffee subscription company that stands out for its creative and unique branding. The brand identity uses a combination of bold typography and four colors that create a distinctly vintage look and feel. The design elements reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability, with the use of recycled materials in the packaging design.

4. Thunder Coffee

Image source: Behance

Thunder Coffee’s contrasting colors are energetic and powerful. The brand identity uses a mix of dark colors, bold typography, and dynamic design elements that reflect the brand’s energy and strength. 

The packaging design is also unique, with a distinct color scheme and graphic design elements that set it apart from the competition.

  • Brand: Thunder Coffee
  • Designer/Agency: Insigniada

5. Caffeerie

Image source: Sketchy Digital

Caffeerie’s brand identity uses a minimalist design approach with a combination of gold, white, and red colors. Simple typography and clean design elements make it feel regal. The packaging design is also sleek and sophisticated.

6. Factory Karakoy

Factory Karakoy
Image source: Garage Design Studio

There’s only one thing I like more than coffee: Coffee and chocolate together! 

Factory Karakoy is a fair-trade coffee and chocolate company out of Istanbul. The brand identity reflects its historical location, but also uses a combination of modern and vintage elements that feels bespoke.

The final design’s inspiration came from the geometric shape of chocolate squares combined with the factory’s profile.

7. Bonita Coffee

Image source: Widarto Impact
  • Brand: Bonita® Coffee
  • Designer/Agency: Widarto Impact
  • Country: Indonesia

Bonita® Coffee underwent a rebranding project that helped it stand out in the competitive coffee industry. The new brand identity uses a combination of bright colors, robust typography, and striking design elements that reflect the brand’s fun and vibrant personality. 

The bold yellow, black, and white color scheme, with lively patterns and illustrations used throughout the visual identity, feels approachable. 

Bonita’s packaging designs are similarly playful, with whimsical patterns and illustrations used on the coffee bags and cups. The overall effect is one of youthful energy and enthusiasm, with a focus on creating a fun and memorable customer experience.

8. Margin Cafe

Image source: Behance

Margin Cafe’s branding feels modern, yet cozy with a welcoming atmosphere. The brand identity uses a mix of warm colors, clean typography, and playful design elements that reflect the brand’s focus on community and hospitality. 

I simultaneously feel like an episode of Mad Men could’ve been filmed here, or a futuristic drama from year 3023—assuming (and hoping) we still drink coffee then!

Closing Thoughts on These Coffee Branding Projects

Coffee branding is incredibly important because it helps to differentiate one coffee product from another in a highly competitive market. 

With so many coffee options available, it’s essential for companies to establish a unique brand identity that resonates with consumers and sets their products apart. ✨

A strong coffee brand can communicate values, personality, and quality, helping to build trust and loyalty among customers. 

A brand can also create an emotional connection with consumers, evoking feelings of comfort, energy, or sophistication. (And I’d argue all of the brands above are doing that well!). That’s why coffee branding is crucial for any coffee company looking to compete and succeed in today’s crowded marketplace.

So, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

Oh and if you happen to live by any of these beautifully-branded companies, pop in and try their coffee. Wouldn’t that be magical?

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