The Great Debate: Macchiato vs Latte – Which Will Leave You Buzzing with Joy?

macchiato vs latte

The big difference between the two drinks is the milk-to-espresso ratio. Macchiatos have a lot less milk than lattes, even if the amount of espresso is the same.

How To Make Latte Art: The Secret to an Instagram-Worthy Heart Design

how to make latte ART

Latte art is even more stunning when you make it yourself than it is on your Instagram feed. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make latte art, you’ve come to the right guy. 

From Farm to Cup: The Surprising Benefits of Organic Coffee

benefits of organic coffee

The benefits of organic coffee range frrom environmental and social to providing more antioxidants. I spent time working at an organic coffee estate, and I’m excited to share what else I’ve learned with you about all the many benefits of good organic coffee!

The Ultimate Showdown: White Coffee vs Black Coffee – Which Has More Benefits?

white coffee vs black coffee

White coffee differs from black coffee in a couple of major ways: 1) It’s roasted for far less time, making the antioxidants and caffeine more potent. 2) You brew it differently. Learn all about white vs black coffee in this ultimate showdown guide!

What Is A Cappuccino? – A Comprehensive Guide To This Beloved Coffee Staple

what is a cappuccino

A cappuccino is an espresso-based beverage with equal parts coffee, milk, and milk foam. And it’s about as famous as pizza (the other Italian mega star)—but what is it made of? Where did it come from? I’m here to answer that and more!

Steamed vs Frothed Milk: The Most Epic Guide On These Two Milk Prep Types

steamed vs frothed milk

Steamed vs frothed milk: The major differences boil down to consistency and taste. Steamed milk is silkier, sweeter, and heavier. Frothed milk (sometimes called foamed) is lighter with more volume since it’s aerated for longer.

Decaf Coffee: Everything You Need to Know – Benefits, Drawbacks & Process

decaf coffee

Decaf coffee means coffee with low caffeine content—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to learn why you may want to have some handy in your kitchen!

How to Make Espresso with the Cafflano Kompresso

cafflano kompresso

The Cafflano Kompresso consistently delivers over 9 bars of pressure—and it’s handheld! In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of making espresso with the Cafflano Kompresso—including what you’ll need, how it works, and some tips for perfecting your brew.

8 Brilliant Coffee Branding Projects That’ll Put You Under a Spell

coffee branding

In this article, I’m showcasing top coffee branding projects that have caught my eye. These are companies or coffee shops (sometimes both) that have done incredible work on their visual identities. 

What Is Single Origin Coffee? – Your Comprehensive Guide

single origin coffee

You’ve heard “single origin coffee” tossed around, but what does it actually mean? In this complete introduction to single origin coffee, we answer that question and more.