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How to Make An Iced Latte – Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for an easy tutorial on how to make an iced latte? Congrats, you’ve found the best and simplest recipe online!
how to make an iced latte

Everything you need to know about how to make an iced latte is right here, so let’s talk about this popular cold treat. 

An iced latte is a chilly coffee beverage that’s generally consumed in hot weather or as a cool substitute for a hot latte. The combination of espresso, milk, and ice creates a chilled and creamy beverage that is both refreshing and satisfying.

As a barista in Bucharest, I’ve probably made thousands of iced lattes, which are always a favorite, especially in the warmer months. I feel confident that this iced latte recipe will become your new go-to.

In this guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to make an iced latte, offering tips to help you achieve the perfect taste every time. 

Here’s an overview of the steps we will take together to discover how to make an iced latte:

  1. Prepare an espresso shot using an espresso machine.
  2. Froth chilled milk using the steam wand of an espresso machine.
  3. Add ice cubes to a glass.
  4. Pour the frothed milk over the ice.
  5. Slowly pour the freshly brewed espresso into the glass.
  6. Stir gently to combine all the ingredients.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial:

  • Espresso machine
  • Chilled milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • Ice cubes
  • Glass or serving cup
  • Spoon for stirring

How to Make an Iced Latte Step-by-Step:

1. Pull the Espresso 

how to make an iced latte

Begin by using an espresso machine to brew a shot of espresso. Depending on personal preference, a single or double shot of espresso is commonly used in a basic iced latte. Adjust the amount of espresso according to your desired strength.

2. Froth the Milk

Using an espresso machine’s steam wand, froth the chilled milk in a separate milk frothing pitcher. Ensure that the milk remains cold to maintain the temperature of the iced drink. Froth the milk until it reaches a creamy and velvety consistency.

3. Add Ice to the Glass

how to make an iced latte

Place ice cubes in your serving glass. The amount of ice can be adjusted based on your taste preferences and the desired drink strength. More ice will result in a more diluted flavor, while less ice will provide a stronger coffee taste.

4. Pour Milk Over the Ice

4 how to make an iced latte

Pour the frothed milk over the ice in the glass, allowing it to mingle with the ice cubes. The cold milk helps maintain the refreshing nature of the iced latte.

Pro Tip: The coffee-to-milk ratio is crucial for a balanced and flavorful iced latte. Generally, a ratio of 1 part coffee to 3 parts milk works well.

5. Slowly Pour the Espresso

how to make an iced latte

After preparing the espresso shot, slowly pour it over the milk and ice in the glass. This allows the flavors to blend harmoniously. Use a spoon to gently stir the mixture, ensuring all the ingredients are combined.

Congrats, You Made an Iced Latte!

how to make an iced latte

By following these simple steps on how to make an iced latte, you should have a delicious and satisfying iced latte in hand right there at home. The ice makes it refreshing a beverage that combines the energizing qualities of espresso with the creamy smoothness of milk. 

Feel free to experiment with your balance of flavors, adding more espresso or less, trying a shot of vanilla syrup, or using plant-based milk. Each iced latte can be a customized treat!

How to Make an Iced Latte FAQs

Can I use decaffeinated coffee for an iced latte?

Absolutely! Decaffeinated coffee can be used to create an iced latte. The flavor profile will be different, but it’s a great option for those who want to enjoy the taste and experience without caffeine.

How do I prevent my iced latte from becoming diluted?

To avoid dilution, you can use coffee ice cubes made from leftover brewed coffee. These cubes won’t dilute your drink as they melt. Alternatively, you can brew a stronger concentrate or chill your iced latte in the refrigerator before adding ice.

How can I make an iced latte sweeter without adding sugar?

You can make your iced latte sweeter without adding sugar by using flavored syrups, extracts, or natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar. These options add sweetness and depth to your drink without relying solely on sugar.

What are some popular variations of iced lattes?

Some popular variations include iced caramel latte, iced mocha latte, vanilla iced latte, and iced matcha latte. These variations add different flavors and elements to the traditional iced latte base.

Can I make an iced latte without a coffee machine?

Yes, you can make an iced latte without a coffee machine. Consider using alternative brewing methods like cold brew or using instant coffee mixed with cold milk. These methods can produce delicious iced lattes with minimal equipment.
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