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What is a Latte? – A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Popular Coffee Drink

What is a Latte?

A latte (also called a “caffe latte”) is a milk coffee drink made with one or two shots of bold espresso, steamed milk, and a finishing touch of milk froth. The result is a creamy, balanced, stunning, and silky-smooth coffee experience.

Ultimate Coffee Grind Size Chart and Guide – Find Your Grind

coffee size grind chart

In this guide, we will cover the basics of coffee grinding and share coffee grind size charts even seasoned baristas will want to save. 

Flat White vs Cappuccino: Which Coffee Reigns Supreme? – Ultimate Guide

flat white vs. cappuccino

The main difference between the flat white vs cappuccino is the milk-to-espresso ratio and foam type.  Microfoam is the flat white’s chief characteristic. But the cappuccino’s foam is thicker and rests atop the steamed milk. Cappuccino’s foam is also referred to as “macrofoam”—the opposite of the flat white’s tiny-bubbling froth.

What is a Cortado Coffee & How to Make One? – Your Expert Guide to Cortado Vs Other Espresso Drinks

what makes a good cortado

What is a cortado coffee? In this post, we’ll discuss cortado coffee, which has recently grown in popularity and is available in a lot of specialty coffee shops all around the world.

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Pour Over vs Drip Coffee: Comparing Two Staple Coffee Brewing Methods

pour over vs drip coffee

Drip and pour over refer to two different coffee brewing methods. The main difference between pour over vs drip coffee is the level of control and involvement over the brewing process. 

Can Espresso Be Decaf? Exploring Good Decaf Espresso Coffee

can espresso be decaf

Yes, espresso can be decaf. People who are sensitive to caffeine or want to limit their caffeine intake will find it’s a solid option for enjoying your favorite espresso drink without the buzz.

What is a Flat White (+ How Is It Different From a Latte + Cappuccino?)

what is a flat white and how to make one

So, what is a flat white? A flat white combines a shot of espresso and steamed milk with microfoam. Baristas froth the milk to a light microfoam—a smooth and velvety foam usually made with a steam wand.

Which Brewing Method Takes the Longest? – Coffee Brewing Methods In Order From Slowest to Fastest

which brewing method takes the longest

Which brewing method takes the longest? The short answer is cold brew. Learn about the nuances of why.

Wet vs Dry Cappuccino: Never Mistake a Wet Cappuccino vs Dry Cappuccino vs Latte Again!

Wet vs. Dry Cappuccino

Wet vs dry cappuccinos: Both are creamy coffee drinks with espresso and milk foam. The major difference boils down to the ratio of foam to milk and espresso. Wet cappuccinos have more milk and are closer to lattes. Dry cappuccinos have more foam than milk.