Exploring Ristretto vs Long Shot (or Lungo) Espresso: How They’re Different and How to Make Both

ristretto vs long shot

In today’s article, we will first discuss a little about the history of ristretto and long shot individually before I explain to you what distinguishes those two coffee-based beverages from one another.

What’s a Caffè Misto? – How Starbucks Made It Famous + Comparing Caffe Misto vs Latte vs Café au Lait 

caffe misto

Half coffee and half steamed milk, Caffe Misto is a drink I used to make myself as a barista when I had a rough morning and needed to wake up quickly. 😜  

What is a Breve Coffee Drink? (Plus, My Favorite Way to Make a Breve Latte)

what is a breve

Never heard of a breve? I got you covered. In case you are wondering what is a breve, it’s a type of coffee made with half and half.

I’m a Barista – This is the Best Way to Make an Americano Coffee Drink 

americano coffee

Coffee lovers, welcome to your one-stop guide to brewing the perfect Americano coffee – one of the most popular types of coffee drinks in the world.  I’m a barista based in Bucharest and I’ve been making Americanos for a long time. From understanding what constitutes an Americano to its distinct taste; making one at home … Read more

What Is a Flat White? + How to Make the Perfect One

what is a flat white and how to make one

A flat white is an espresso-based coffee drink accompanied with steamed milk and microfoam. Baristas froth the milk to a light microfoam—a smooth and velvety foam usually made with a steam wand.

What is a Cortado? Unlocking Its Secrets + The Best Way to Make One

what makes a good cortado

What is a cortado? In this post, we’ll discuss cortado coffee, which has recently grown in popularity and is available in a lot of specialty coffee shops all around the world.

How to Make An Iced Latte – Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

how to make an iced latte

Looking for an easy tutorial on how to make an iced latte? Congrats, you’ve found the best and simplest recipe online!

How To Pull An Espresso Shot Like a Pro: Single vs Double Espresso Shots

how to pull an espresso shot

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to pull an espresso shot, this is the ultimate tutorial for you!

Brew Like A Pro: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make AeroPress Coffee at Home

how to make aeropress coffee

I’m going to show you how to make AeroPress coffee in this easy step-by-step tutorial. 

How To Make Latte Art: The Secret to an Instagram-Worthy Heart Design

how to make latte ART

Latte art is even more stunning when you make it yourself than it is on your Instagram feed. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make latte art, you’ve come to the right guy.