The Sweet Debate of Honey in Coffee: Pros and Cons of Coffee with Honey

Honey in Coffee

When it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee, there’s a sweet debate that has been brewing among coffee lovers – whether to add honey to their coffee. The idea of using honey as a sweetener instead of sugar has gained popularity due to its potential health benefits and the unique flavor it adds to … Read more

How to Fix a Keurig Descale Light That Won’t Turn Off – Best Keurig Descale Reset Guide 

Keurig Descale Reset Guide

Need to perform a Keurig descale reset to get that annoying light to turn off? You’re in the right place. This guide aims to help you better understand the functions of your Keurig machine, specifically dealing with that persistent descale light. You will discover what this indicator light means, the reasons why it won’t turn … Read more

Demystifying the Coffee Portafilter – Ultimate Guide to Pick the Right Type for Your Espresso Machine


Be it a certified coffee aficionado or a novice enthusiast, the quality of your espresso shot invariably relies on the choice of portafilter. This small but crucial tool comes in various types, each catering to specific preferences and techniques.  As an expert barista, I spent many years using various portafilters professionally. This comprehensive guide aims … Read more

Phin Việt Nam: Discover the Vietnamese Phin Filter for Perfect Coffee

Phin Việt Nam

The Vietnamese Phin, also known as the phin filter or Phin Việt Nam, is a traditional brewing tool used to brew delicious and rich coffee in Vietnam. This unique filter is an integral part of the Vietnamese coffee culture and is loved by coffee drinkers around the world for its ability to produce a strong and … Read more

Butter in Coffee: Is Butter Coffee Magic or Just a Bad Trend?

butter in coffee

If you’ve never heard of butter in coffee, let alone tried it, I can’t blame you for thinking that coffee with butter sounds weird and gross. But did you know people swear by butter coffee all around the world? And it might sound contradictory, but some even claim that coffee and butter – also called … Read more

Cafe au Lait vs Latte: Exploring the Differences Between These Two Classic Coffee Drinks


The world of coffee offers a plethora of options, from classic coffee drinks to trendy concoctions. Two popular choices that often provoke debate are the Cafe au Lait vs Latte. These milky coffee beverages have their distinct characteristics, making them a favorite for many coffee enthusiasts. Despite their distinct names and cultural origins, these beverages share … Read more

Nutmeg in Coffee: How to Use It to Spice Up Your Coffee Ritual—Along with These 5 Spices

nutmeg in coffee

Can nutmeg in coffee be good? Absolutely. Nutmeg, a versatile spice often used in baked goods and cuisines, can also be a delightful addition to your morning cup of coffee. Its warm, slightly sweet flavor can elevate the taste profile of your regular brew, offering a unique and aromatic twist. As a seasoned barista and … Read more

Iced Flat White vs Iced Latte: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Iced Coffee

Iced Flat White vs Iced Latte

Iced flat white vs iced latte: These two popular iced coffee drinks are beloved in coffee shops around the world. They have a lot in common, but there are crucial main differences between an iced flat white and a latte. When it comes to choosing the perfect iced coffee, many coffee lovers find themselves torn … Read more

The Art of Coffee: Let’s Compare the Magic of Cortado Vs Latte

cortado vs latte

The main differences between a cortado vs latte come down to the ratio of espresso to milk and origins.

Exploring Ristretto vs Long Shot (or Lungo) Espresso: How They’re Different and How to Make Both

ristretto vs long shot

In today’s article, we will first discuss a little about the history of ristretto and long shot individually before I explain to you what distinguishes those two coffee-based beverages from one another.