The Best Milk Frothing Pitcher for Latte Art – Top 10 Choices

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher

I tested 19 products and found the Motta Europa to be the best Milk Frothing Pitcher overall.

If you’re like me and believe that a good day starts with a perfect homemade latte, then listen up, because this one’s for you! I’ve been a hardcore coffee-lover for years now, and my dedication has led me to test a whole slew of jugs, all in pursuit of the best pitcher.

I experimented with a bunch of them, and found one product to rise above the rest; the Motta Europa.

It’s the absolute best, especially when it comes to creating smooth, creamy froth. But don’t just take my word for it, I’ll spill all the beans about why this is my top choice.

Also, we all have different coffee needs, so I’ve included my 10 best milk frothing pitchers for latte art, steaming, and more. Buckle up fellow coffee enthusiasts, let’s brew some magic together! 

10 Picks for Best Milk Frothing Pitcher at a Glance

Meet the Milk Steaming Pitcher of Your Latte Art Dreams

Motta Stainless Steel Europa Professional Milk Pitcher
10/10Our Score

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Professional-grade quality.
  • Exceptional durability.

  • The premium-quality features are reflected in its price. AKA, it's pricey.

The Motta Europa Milk Frothing Pitcher is considered the best overall in its class, and it’s not hard to see why. Certified by the Italian Barista Association, this product stands heads and shoulders above the competition.

It offers numerous features and benefits that make it a standout choice for individuals looking to create the perfect cup of coffee. The unique design of the pitcher ensures even temperature distribution, contributing to better-frothed milk.

This pitcher has a great build quality, constructed with heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel which ensures durability and longevity no matter how frequently you use it.

The crucial factor about the Motta Europa Milk Frothing Pitcher is that it is perfect for both professional baristas and individuals who appreciate a good cup of coffee at home. It features a narrow spout that enables intricate design work.

The Motta Europa Milk Frothing Pitcher is well worth the investment for those striving to achieve barista-quality coffee at home or in a professional setting. 

Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher
9/10Our Score

  • Its sleek design exudes an efficient and professional vibe.
  • The pitcher is durable due to its construction from premium 1mm thick, food-grade stainless steel.
  • Innovative non-stick coating makes the cleaning process remarkably easy.
  • Spout design allows for precise pouring.
  • Unlike many milk jugs on the market, this one comes with capacity measurements inside.

  • The Rhino Stealth milk pitcher is slightly more expensive than other conventional milk jugs.
  • The non-stick coating might wear off over time with everyday use and need periodic re-application.
  • Some users might find the pitcher too large for home use, as it is primarily designed for professional baristas.

The Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher is an absolute game-changer for coffee enthusiasts and professional baristas alike. Engineered with precision and designed for optimal functionality, this is a product that will transform the way you make your coffee.

The milk pitcher boasts a high-quality, non-stick coating that prevents milk from sticking to the inside, ultimately making it easier to clean after use. It also comes with a perfectly shaped spout, allowing for accurate and easy pouring, lending itself to a range of latte art designs.

Moreover, the capacity markings inside the jug are beneficial for measuring the right amount of milk needed for your coffee, which saves time and reduces waste – a feature that is certainly beneficial for professionals in busy environments. 

Ultimately, the Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher presents the best in design and functionality, making it an ideal choice for both coffee professionals and home baristas who value high-quality equipment. 

Brewista Smart Pour Frothing Pitcher
9.5/10Our Score

  • Durable stainless steel construction facilitates longevity that other materials often lack.
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience.
  • The thermometer provides accuracy in milk steaming for coffee art. 

  • On the pricey side. 
  • Smaller capacity at 12 oz but you can select the 20 oz instead.

The Brewista Smart Pour Frothing Pitcher is the best latte art pitcher because it incorporates both functionality and style into its design.

It features an integrated thermometer, allowing baristas to easily keep track of the milk temperature, ensuring optimal froth texture for superior latte art. Moreover, the thermometer also provides guidelines for proper milk steaming which is a beneficial feature for those learning the ropes.

This pitcher’s tapered spout guarantees precision pouring, making it possible to produce complex latte art designs. Its large handle offers a comfortable grip, providing easy control while pouring which adds to its practicality.

However, a few drawbacks come to the fray as well. The pitcher’s high-end price point may not appeal to all, especially those just starting to practice latte art.

Secondly, the built-in thermometer may not be as durable as the pitcher itself, requiring potential replacement down the line. Finally, some users may find the pitcher’s capacity limited, particularly when catering to a large group.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for the best pitcher for latte art because you’re serious about perfecting your craft, the Brewista Smart Pour Frothing Pitcher remains a worthy investment. 

Apexstone 20 Ounce Milk Frothing Pitcher
9.6/10Our Score

  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • Rust-resistant and stain-resistant.
  • Perfect for frothing milk for a couple of espressos at once.
  • Dripless spout, and a wide bottom for easy frothing. 
  • Available in 3 sizes: 12 oz, 20 oz, and 32 oz.

  • A bit large for some users or too small for those who want to prepare several servings at once.
  • Requires careful cleaning due to frothed milk residue.

The Apexstone 20 Ounce Milk Frothing Pitcher is a fantastic accessory if perfection in your beverages is what you aspire to. This durable and stylish pitcher is made of premium-grade stainless steel, designed to resist both rust and stains over the years.

With a capacity of 20 ounces but an option to buy a size up (32 oz), it clearly stands out as the best option for handheld frothers. Its design incorporates a dripless spout which enhances precision while pouring, adds to smoothness in streaming, and minimizes mess.

But its wide bottom makes it particularly compatible with handheld frothers, enabling easy maneuverability within the pitcher for achieving a consistent milk froth. Not only is this feature a beauty for espresso makers but is also highly appreciated by latte artists.

All in all, the Apexstone remains a popular choice since this pitcher is a great tool to use with a handheld frother. 

Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher
8.8/10Our Score
  • Its handle-free design gives superior control.
  • It's durable, dishwasher-friendly, and taste-neutral.
  • Ideal for those aiming to perfect their latte art.
  • The handle-free design might require a little practice initially.
  • Is a bit pricier than some milk frothing jugs out there.

The Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher is another popular choice, known for its durable stainless steel construction and comfortable grip. This handle-free beauty speaks for itself – it’s effortless, gets the job done perfectly, and gives off a professional barista vibe right in your own kitchen. 

So, what makes this stainless steel pitcher the chosen one? Well, its features and benefits are seriously unbeatable. For starters, it’s handle-free.

Trust me, at first it may sound a bit off-putting but once you get the hang of it, you won’t look back. It gives you a better grip and control over the flow of the milk, which you need to create those beautiful latte art patterns. 

Plus, it’s made of solid stainless steel, meaning it’s sturdy, durable, won’t alter the taste of your milk, and is easy to clean – just pop it in the dishwasher! 

The Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher isn’t just for any coffee lover though, it’s especially great for you home baristas out there looking to take the next step in your latte art journey. You know, those who really want to step up their coffee game and learn how to pour complex latte art. 

But in all honesty, the pros definitely outweigh the minor cons. So, what you’re waiting for? Get your hands on the Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher and make some awe-inspiring lattes

Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher
9.8/10Our Score

  • The ribbed handle is comfy and makes for easy pouring.
  • Elegant design.
  • The precision spout lets you make great latte art.

  • A bit on the pricy side. Your wallet might feel a little lighter afterward.
  • The handle, while super cool and comfy, isn’t heat-resistant. So be careful!

If you’ve been searching different milk jugs high and low for the perfect handle, allow me to introduce you to the Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher

Why’s it so dope? Not only does the handle look sleek and modern, but it’s also designed with usability in mind. It’s got this unique fluted spout to ensure precise pouring, meaning no more chaotic streams of milk ricocheting off your coffee cup. Impressive, right? 

Plus, its ribbon handle provides comfort, control, and just feels awesome to grip. Because of all these bells and whistles, it’s no wonder this is considered the milk frothing jug with the best handle if you want to create great latte art.

It’s magic for all the coffee aficionados out there trying to emulate those coffee house vibes in their own home. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a home brewing newbie, Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher’s handle makes it a solid latte art milk pitcher.

All in all, the Fellow Eddy Steaming Pitcher is an ace pick for any coffee lover looking to up their frothing game. With its killer handle and sleek design, you’ll be pouring like a pro in no time. Just remember to use a cloth when handling it post-steaming! 

De'Longhi Milk Frothing Jug
9.6/10Our Score

  • Superior durability and heat-retaining capacity.
  • Excellent pouring spout design for precision.
  • Dishwasher-safe makes it ultra-convenient to clean.

  • The size of the jug can potentially limit frothing options and quantities, which might be an issue in commercial settings.

The De’Longhi Milk Frothing Jug is one of the top-tier products in its category, achieving exceptional results in both functionality and convenience.

This high-quality jug is crafted from pristine stainless steel which has an impressive heat-retaining capacity, making it perfect for frothing and steaming milk to your preferred temperature. 

It comes with a distinct pouring spout designed for precision, preventing any spillage and ensuring a perfect latte or cappuccino every time. 

Additionally, this jug is a stellar contender in this market due to its dishwasher-safe feature. It is extraordinarily effortless to clean, saving you from the hassle of having to hand-wash it. 

The De’Longhi Milk Frothing Jug is indeed the best dishwasher-safe option in the market. Its durability and impeccable design make it compatible with nearly all dishwashers, minimizing your cleanup time and allowing you to enjoy your coffee indulgence hassle-free.

The frothing jug is an excellent addition for the home barista, cafe owners, or anyone who enjoys perfecting their own coffee.

Overall, the De’Longhi Milk Frothing Jug brings an uncompromising blend of convenience, functionality, and quality, worth experiencing by any coffee enthusiast. 

Belugahots Milk Frothing Pitcher
8.5/10Our Score

  • Precise temperature control with a built-in thermometer.
  • Durable, high-quality stainless steel construction.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle for safe and comfortable use.
  • Large capacity for multiple servings.
  • Convenient pour spout for mess-free operation.

  • The inclusion of a thermometer may complicate the design for some users.
  • Some people find tiny discrepancies between thermometer readings and actual temperature.

The Belugahots Milk Frothing Pitcher is an astonishingly impressive product that guarantees perfect froth for your coffee every time. Innovatively designed with a built-in thermometer, it ensures precise temperature control yielding perfect froth and thereby delicious coffee.

The prime features of this frothing pitcher include its durable stainless steel construction, ergonomic, non-slip handle, and convenient pour spout for mess-free pouring.

Additionally, it has a large capacity of 20oz, making it ideal for serving multiple guests. 

Its built-in thermometer makes it very easy to froth milk to the right temperature, ensuring you never burn the milk or have it under-heated. The sturdy stainless steel construction guarantees durability and longevity. Its easy-to-clean design offers convenience after use.

The Belugahots Milk Frothing Pitcher stands out as the best jug with a thermometer because of its precise temperature monitoring, user-friendly design, and superior quality. 

Espro Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher
9/10Our Score

  • Sharp pour spout for precision.
  • Designed with high-quality stainless steel.
  • super durable and easy to clean. 

  • The smaller 12oz size falls short if you're after a larger brew.
  • On the expensive side.

Let’s chat about this magic gadget from Espro – the Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher

With features such as its unique shape and cleverly made internal ridges, your milk will circulate in a way as perfect as Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer,’ hitting that whirlpool motion you never thought possible at home.

This milk steaming pitcher is simply too good at creating that creamy, silky, barista-quality microfoam we all long for. It’s next-level steaming, to be sure. I’d put good money on it being the best milk frothing jug for steaming. 

This little hero is just the ticket for folks who are serious about their homebrew skills, or those who run small cafes and hangouts. It’s a match made in bean heaven if you want to up your latte or cappuccino game—a solid investment and totally worth it for the cup of Joe you’ll get.

All in all, the Espro Toroid2 Steaming Pitcher is a good bet for anyone aiming to make standout, barista-worthy beverages at home. 

Adorever Milk Frothing Pitcher
9.4/10Our Score

  • Latte art pen is great for beginners.
  • Comfy handle.
  • Durable and user-friendly.
  • Inexpensive.

  • Measurements are a bit hard to read.

The Adorever Milk Frothing Pitcher is primarily designed for milk frothing and latte art, and it absolutely nails it.

Not only does it froth the milk perfectly each time, but it also comes with a latte art pen. That’s a game changer; it takes your regular old cuppa Joe and turns it into an aesthetic masterpiece.

The stainless-steel design gives the pitcher an ultra-sleek look, but that’s not all. This pitcher is practical and durable enough for constant use. The best part? It’s very user-friendly. Anyone can use it, from absolute coffee newbies to hardcore, espresso-slinging aficionados. As a bonus, it’s also super easy to clean.

The standout pro is definitely its latte art pen. Plus, the quality materials ensure this jug isn’t giving up anytime soon. You’ve got the added bonus of a comfortable handle and it’s all wrapped up in a charming package. 

If you’ve ever wanted to up your barista game – or you know someone who does – the Adorever Milk Frothing Pitcher is a must-have. 

How to Choose the Best Milk Frothing Jug Like a Barista – Ultimate Guide

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher

A milk frothing jug is an indispensable tool for any barista or coffee lover. Milk frothing pitchers are made specifically for creating the perfect milk texture for espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos

In this article, we will discuss the importance of a milk frothing jug, factors to consider when choosing one, tips for using a milk frothing jug—and how it can enhance your latte art skills.

What is a pitcher to froth milk (and why is it important for coffee art)?

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher

What is a milk frothing jug?

A milk frothing jug, also known as a milk frothing pitcher, is a container specifically designed for steaming and frothing milk. It typically has a spout for easy pouring and a handle for stability.

Milk frothing jugs come in various materials such as stainless steel, which is the most popular choice due to its durability and heat conductivity. Many come with etched measurements inside of the pitcher to make a consistent amount of foam every time.

Why is a milk frothing jug important for making perfect milk?

A milk frothing jug or pitcher can be used to unlock the skill of latte art design. And they are essential for achieving the perfect milk texture required for lattes and other espresso-based drinks, regardless if you want to make latte art with them or not.

It allows you to control the steam and create microfoam, which is crucial for achieving a velvety, creamy texture. Without a milk frothing jug, it would be challenging to achieve consistent and professional-quality results.

What are the benefits of using a milk frothing jug?

Using a milk frothing jug offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to precisely control the texture and temperature of your milk, ensuring consistent results. Secondly, it makes it easier to create latte art designs, as the spout provides better-pouring control. Additionally, a milk frothing jug helps prevent milk waste, as it is designed to pour milk without dripping or spilling.

What separates a milk frother from a steaming pitcher? 

A milk frother and a steaming pitcher both serve purposes in preparing beverages, but they differ in several fundamental ways. The principal distinction revolves around their functionality.

A milk frother, as the term suggests, is specifically designed to aerate milk, creating a dense, creamy foam used predominantly in coffee-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. It accomplishes this using either a whisking or pumping mechanism to introduce air into the milk.

A steaming pitcher, on the other hand, is primarily used alongside an espresso machine to steam milk, producing a smoother, velvety texture, not as frothy, ideal for a broader range of drinks. It incorporates heat and high-pressure steam to invoke this transformation.

So, their differences lie in the techniques used and the texture of the resulting milk. 

Factors to consider when choosing a milk frothing jug to make latte art

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher


When choosing a milk frothing pitcher, it is important to consider the best material. Milk frothing pitchers are usually made with stainless steel due to their durability, heat conductivity, and ease of cleaning.

They also provide a polished and professional look, making them a popular choice among baristas.

Additionally, some pitchers come with measurements inside the pitcher, which helps accurately portion to reduce wasted milk.

Spout Shape

Your milk frothing jug’s spout can significantly impact your ability to experiment with latte art designs. Different spout shapes cater to different frothing needs and artistic styles. 

For instance, a pointed spout is ideal for precise, detailed designs, allowing you to have greater control over the exact amount of milk you pour. This precision invites elaborate designs, such as rosettas and hearts. 

On the other hand, an elongated or duckbill spout, which provides a heavier, broader milk flow, is suitable for creating larger, simpler designs and patterns.

Rounded spout designs are practical for producing thick and creamy froth, better for cappuccinos, and not so great if you’re interested in trying your hand at latte art. 


Milk frothing jugs are indispensable tools when it comes to producing velvety milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks. The ergonomics of the handle play a significant role in achieving the right froth consistency and texture for the milk that is used (whether that be dairy milk or a plant-based type like oat milk). 

Different types of milk frothing jug handles serve different purposes and enhance your barista skills differently. Traditional style handles are broader and more comfortable to hold, ideal for doing the basic job of frothing milk.

However, if you want more control and precision, a thinner, round-handle jug could be the right choice. The slim design allows for a better feel when swirling the milk around and a firmer grip during the frothing process.

Some jugs come with closed-loop handles, offering a better balance and avoiding spills, especially when you’re working with larger amounts of milk. There are also specially designed pitcher handles with grips made of heat-resistant materials, providing a safe and secure hold when dealing with steaming hot milk.

Each type of handle is intended for a distinct use, so choose what suits your brewing experience and preference best. 


Milk frothing jug capacities vary, and each capacity serves a unique purpose. You should consider the size of your drinks and how many people you’ll be frothing up milk for when looking at the following:

Small frothing pitchers, typically ranging from 12oz to 20oz, are perfect for making one or two cups of cappuccino or latte milk foam at a time. This is the best size frothing pitcher for your needs if you’re brewing milk-based drinks for one or two people. The downside is you may need a bigger pitcher down the road if you end up brewing for more people.

For a medium group of people or bigger cups, frothing pitchers ranging from 20oz to 32oz are ideal. These have the capacity to froth milk for three to four cups of cappuccino or latte at once, enhancing efficiency in a mini gathering or family setting.

For larger groups or commercial use, bigger frothing pitchers with a capacity of 32oz to 64oz would be more suitable. A big pitcher makes numerous servings at once for faster beverage preparation and service. 

Therefore, deciding which milk frothing pitcher to use largely depends on the volume of milk you intend to froth and the number of servings required. 

Tips on How to Use Your Best Latte Art Pitcher 

Best Milk Frothing Pitcher

Once you find the best milk frothing jug, you’ll want to practice as often as possible. Here are some tips.

How can the right milk frothing pitcher enhance your latte art skills?

The right milk frothing pitcher can significantly enhance your latte art skills. A pitcher with a tapered spout and ergonomic handle makes pouring frothed milk with precision much easier, allowing you to create intricate designs faster.

With practice and the right tools, you can elevate your latte art and impress your customers or guests.

What are some tips for achieving the best latte with the help of a milk frothing jug?

To achieve the best latte with the help of a milk frothing jug, focus on controlling the milk texture and temperature:

  1. Start by purging the steam wand to remove any condensed water.
  2. Then, position the steam wand at a slight angle and submerge it just below the surface of the milk.
  3. When you steam the milk, work on creating a whirlpool effect by moving the pitcher in a circular motion, allowing the steam to evenly heat the milk.

How much milk should you pour into the milk frothing jug?

The amount of milk you should pour into the milk frothing jug depends on the drink you are making and the size of the jug.

Frothing pitchers come in sizes ranging from 12 oz to 64 oz, but 20 oz is most common. As a general guideline, fill the jug to about one-third of its capacity to allow room for expansion when frothing. This will help prevent spillage during the steaming process.

What techniques can you use for pouring latte art?

Pouring latte art requires practice and mastery of specific techniques. Some popular designs include the classic heart, tulip, and rosetta.

To create these, you will need to develop how well you control the flow of milk from the jug and create patterns by varying the speed and angle of milk pouring. If your pitcher features a narrow spout, that’ll all be much more straightforward to master. 

How to properly clean and maintain your milk frothing pitcher?

To ensure the longevity of your milk frothing pitcher, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. If your milk frothing pitcher comes with cleaning rules/directions, obviously follow those.

But more generally, you want to rinse the pitcher with warm water immediately after each use to remove any residue. Use a small brush or sponge to clean the interior and exterior, paying attention to any milk stains.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers that may damage the pitcher’s surface. Plus, you don’t want any chance of a harsh chemical getting back into the milk with the next batch you steam.

Our Verdict On The Best Latte Art Milk Pitcher

Not all milk frothing pitchers are created equal. 

A good pitcher for latte art should have a comfortable handle, be the right size for your needs, and have a spout that’s designed for precision pouring. Just like milk frothing pitchers give you control over your milk and art creation, picking the best jug gives you a huge advantage when working on latte art designs. 

And after all my testing, firsthand experience behind the cafe bars, and research, I hereby dub the Motta Europa to be the best Milk Frothing Pitcher overall! You can buy the Motta on Amazon.

Milk Frothing Pitcher for Latte Art – FAQs

What’s the difference between a milk steaming pitcher and a regular pitcher?

A regular pitcher isn’t designed to handle the hot temperatures needed for frothing milk. Moreover, milk steaming pitchers, like the Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher, typically have a pointed spout for easy pouring, which is essential for creating latte art.

How much milk can the average milk steaming pitcher hold?

The capacity of a milk steaming pitcher varies, but a standard size is between 12 to 20 ounces. Large pitchers like the Star Coffee Pitcher can handle more volume, which is beneficial when making multiple lattes.

Do I need a specific type of milk steaming pitcher to create latte art?

While any quality milk steaming pitcher can be used to create latte art, having one with a sharp spout can make the process easier and the designs more precise. For example, the Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher is designed with this in mind.

How do I clean a milk steaming pitcher?

Once you are done frothing and pouring your milk, rinse the pitcher with hot water. You may also want to use a little bit of soap and make sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward. Never let the milk sit and dry in the pitcher, it can be hard to remove.

How do I use a milk steaming pitcher for frothing milk?

To froth milk, first fill your pitcher with milk around 1/3 of its capacity to allow enough space for the froth. Next, insert the steam wand from your espresso machine and start to froth the milk by introducing steam until the desired froth level has been achieved.

Is it necessary to use a thermometer with my milk steaming pitcher?

While not necessary, a thermometer can be useful to ensure the milk is at the optimal temperature for steaming and frothing. It helps prevent overheating the milk, which can lead to a burnt taste.

Can I use non-dairy milk with my milk steaming pitcher?

Yes, you can use non-dairy milk in a milk steaming pitcher. However, keep in mind that non-dairy milk may froth differently than dairy milk, so you may need to practice to achieve the same level of foam and consistency.

Can I use a milk steaming pitcher for other beverages?

Absolutely! While primarily used for frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos, milk steaming pitchers can be used to serve any beverage. They’re especially handy for mixing hot chocolate or whipping up creamy cocktails.

Why would I need a milk steaming pitcher for latte art?

A milk steaming pitcher allows you to properly froth and steam milk to the consistency required to pour latte art. The spout on the pitcher allows for precision when pouring the milk, which is very important when making latte art.

Can I do milk steaming without a pitcher?

While it’s possible to steam milk without a pitcher, it’s difficult to achieve the fine foam needed for latte art without one. A milk frothing pitcher is designed to help create this foam and to provide ease and precision in pouring.

How do you pour milk into your pitcher for milk steaming?

You should pour cold milk into your pitcher until it’s about 1/3 to 1/2 full. This allows enough space in the pitcher for the milk to expand as it heats and froths. Remember, milk can overflow if the pitcher is too full!

Can I create latte art without a milk frothing pitcher?

It’s a bit difficult to create latte art without a pitcher. The spout on the milk frothing pitcher helps control the flow of milk, allowing for the delicate precision needed to create latte art patterns. Without a pitcher, it may be challenging to achieve the same accuracy.

How do I get the proper milk texture for latte art?

The key to creating the perfect texture for latte art with your milk steaming pitcher is patience. Froth the milk until it’s velvety and smooth, not too foamy or bubbly. You want a texture similar to wet paint, as this will allow you to create intricate designs in your latte art.

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