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Coffee Tips

How To Pull An Espresso Shot: Learn How to Pull the Perfect Shot of Espresso Step by Step

how to pull an espresso shot

Home baristas: If you’ve always wanted to learn how to pull an espresso shot, this is the ultimate tutorial for you!

How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee? – Your Guide to Caffeine Content in Espresso, Ground Coffee & More!

how much caffeine in coffee

Coffee and caffeine go together like birds of a feather. An average 8-oz cup of brewed coffee contains between 80-100 mg of caffeine, according to the FDA. Yet, how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee depends on several factors, including: the type of bean, the brewing method, and the serving size. In fact, some specialty coffees can contain as much as 500 mg per cup!

Comparing French Press vs Pour Over Coffee: Which Brewing Method Is Best for You?

French Press vs Pour Over Coffee

Long story short about French Press vs pour over coffee: Both are manual coffee brewing methods. The French Press uses a steep, immersion, and plunger mechanism. Pour over requires more skill and equipment, but is the most hands-on way to brew coffee. The best coffee method for you will be purely based on preference and skill!

Everything You Need to Know About Blonde Roast Coffee and Espresso: The Ultimate Guide for Coffee Lovers

blonde roast coffee

For coffee lovers worldwide, nothing beats the smell of freshly roasted coffee in the morning. Coffee, often referred to as “the nectar of the gods,” can dramatically transform anyone’s day, offering invigorating and tantalizing moments. Whether you are just starting your journey in the flavorful coffee universe or you’re an experienced coffee drinker, the exciting … Read more

Are Espresso Machines Worth It? – Read This Before You Buy an Espresso Machine to Use at Home

are espresso machines worth it

Are espresso machines worth it? Are you thinking about investing in an espresso machine and wondering if it’s worth it in the long run? Understanding the various aspects of espresso machines—including their types, pros, and cons—can help you make an informed decision about whether making coffee at home with an espresso machine is a smart investment … Read more

How Long Can Coffee Sit Out Before Going Bad? Is Day Old Coffee Still Safe to Drink?

how long can coffee sit out

How long can coffee sit out before going bad? The short answer: Black hot coffee generally starts to taste stale after sitting out for more than 12 to 24 hours at room temperature. Add in any milk or creamer, and you can’t leave your coffee out longer than 2 hours. 

Cold Brew vs Iced Latte: Which Iced Coffee Drink Will Put a Spell on You?

cold brew vs iced latte

Cold brew vs iced latte: It’s a classic debate if you adore cold coffee drinks – especially during those hot summer months! And as the temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, many coffee enthusiasts find themselves searching for the perfect chilled coffee beverage to beat the summer heat. The decision between cold brew and … Read more

Brew Like A Pro: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make AeroPress Coffee at Home

how to make aeropress coffee

I’m going to show you how to make AeroPress coffee in this easy step-by-step tutorial. 

How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee Machines in 6 Easy Steps

How to Descale Nespresso Vertuo Next

Need to learn how to descale Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee machines? You’re in the right place.

Iced Americano vs Cold Brew Coffee: Understanding the Differences

americano vs cold brew

In the ever-evolving world of coffee, the debate over the best cold coffee drink rages on. Two popular contenders when looking closely at different types of cold coffee? The Iced Americano vs Cold Brew – two Java titans that I’ve brought together to clash and compare.  Cold brew coffee and iced Americanos are both cold … Read more